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5 Tips for thriving as a home-schooling mama

by | Aug 7, 2020 | Friendship, Motherhood | 20 comments

Ready or not, you’re homeschooling! Maybe you’ve always envisioned yourself as a homeschool mama and have your curriculum and pretty planner all ready to go. Or perhaps you’re like me and overwhelmed at the very thought, yet certain that this is the road God is leading you down and you’re trusting (despite feeling cluelessly ill-equipped) that this is the best choice for your darling child.

Spoiler alert: most of us fall into the “feeling ill-equipped” category. You are not alone!

If I could hug you through the screen right now, I would.

Hear me now: you can do this!

I have learned some valuable lessons in my short but sweet homeschooling journey thus far. Let me encourage you with a few. 

1. Fill your cup.

And I don’t just mean with coffee. Girl, read your bible. Pray. Seek first His Kingdom. Not only will you replenish your spirit, but you will also model the very behavior you want to instill in your kids. Teaching them to love the Lord with all their hearts, soul, and strengths is the goal. 

2. Be flexible.

Have a plan, but hold onto it loosely. Allow for interruptions. If you miss a day of school, you can pick back up right where you left off. If you do not love the curriculum you chose, find a new one! Don’t be afraid to change things when necessary. Nothing is set in stone. Trust your gut, and remember God is in control.

3. Do not recreate the classroom.

Homeschooling will look different from traditional schools, and that’s the beauty of it. It is an entirely different way of approaching education. Try having morning time as a family. Spend as much time outdoors as possible. Read aloud and often! There is no right or wrong way to do this. Tailor your approach specifically to the needs and strengths of your child.

4. Find your people.

Having a community to journey alongside you is a must for homeschooling. For you, that may mean a co-op or maybe just scheduling weekly playdates/field trips with other homeschool friends. This is beneficial for you and your child. Life is meant to be done together. Don’t do it alone. 

5. Stop comparing.

Friend, I learned this one the hard way. Your homeschool journey will not look the same as anyone else, and that is perfectly ok!

Regardless if you’re using the same curriculum as your BFF and your kids are the same age, your child is unique, and so are you. A comparison truly is the thief of joy. I can’t stress this enough. Keep your focus on your journey. Have realistic expectations and choose contentment and happiness over and over again. 

Academics are essential, but helping mold your child into a kind, helpful, empathetic member of society is vastly more important.

Remember your “why” for homeschooling and keep that in the forefront of your mind on tough days. Know that you are enough!

Take a deep breath and embrace the truth that you can’t ruin your child any more than you can perfect them. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. God doesn’t call the equipped; He equips the called.

I wish you much success on your home school journey! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Please share with us:

what is your biggest expectation for your children’s education?


  1. Sarah Farrer

    Thank you!

  2. Gwen Parrish

    Love these tips, such wisdom In each one!

  3. Bethany

    So much truth here! Comparison is such a thief of Joy! We can look to each other for ideas, but need to look to the Holy Spirit for direction when it comes to discerning if those ideas fit on our unique journeys.

    • Ying McLane

      Thank you so much for your encouragement!

  4. Rebecca

    Great wisdom and advice!

  5. Jenny

    Great tips gained from experience!

  6. Sandy

    I love that you are blogging! You are very good with words! Look forward to more from you.

    • Ying McLane

      Thank you so much for your encouragement!

  7. Krista

    LOVE ❤️ Thanks for sharing your heart.

  8. Becky Seville

    Great insight – especially about recreating the classroom and NOT comparing to others! Yes glean wisdom form your local homeschooling tribe and community too! I know my expectations on my children’s educations used to be more of “learn what I learned how I learned it.” For the most part. But teaching them how everything they learn ALL points back to God is now my teaching base.

    • Ying McLane

      Thank you, Becky, what a great insight-teaching them how everything they learn All points back to God. Thanks for sharing!

  9. jochin8

    My biggest expectation is that he will learn at his own pace. I can nurture & encourage him just as I have been doing every day of his young life. But, only he can embrace the knowledge.

    • Ying McLane

      Thank you! Yes self learning is a life long process and we hope they will always have the motivation for knowledge! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Jessica S.

    Thank you for sharing your tips!


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