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Six ways to keep your sanity during a pandemic

by | Aug 9, 2020 | Faith journey, Friendship, Motherhood | 2 comments

The whole world has been caught off guard by this virus. More than ever, our familIes need us mamas to rise up, and keep mentally and physically healthy for them!

Here are my six strategies to thrive in a survival situation.

Number 1: Start the day with a prayer.

I am usually the first person to wake up in the morning. The first thought that comes to my mind is– God! Please help!!

I know that I need that thread of grace to help me walk through the day. Then I say a little prayer for my family and myself –It’s a healthy mental breakfast to start the day.

Number 2: Balance our media intake.

This one is my weakest point. We all want to know what’s going on in the world, and we indeed should know. But media, especially social media, can override your thoughts very quickly. With all the controversies and emotions running high, it’s easy to get consumed by the news and the opinions.

Browse through a couple of trusted news websites and social media quickly, and set a time frame. When the time is up, turn off the news for that day, and say goodbye emotionally. Just do it, and don’t look back.

Number 3: Be present for our family.

This is closely connected with number two. If I let my emotions occupy my mind, I will find myself snapping with my family quickly or worse yet, absent-minded to their needs. This is a big no-no for mamas. God put us in our place and our roles for our best interest and His glory. It doesn’t matter how mundane our tasks are; it’s our responsibility to put our family first.

Number 4: Love our bodies.

In my house, everyone knows If mama is not happy, nobody is happy! LoL.

In my good days/ mentally healthy days, I run a mile and a half every day and can keep a healthy diet. But in my bad/ mentally weak days, I reverse back to my stress- eating, excuse-finding old self, and it inevitably leads to the downhill road of guilt. So please, can we hold each other accountable? And for our dear family’s sake, take care of ourselves?

Number 5: Have a little bit of Jesus every day.

With kids stuck at home 24 hours a day, It’s not easy to squeeze free time for ourselves. But we need Jesus every day, like fish need water. So if you have ten minutes or even five minutes, let that ten minutes or five minutes be spent with the One who loves you the most.

Number 6: Friends, friends, friends!

Do I need to say more about the value of friendship during a pandemic?

It’s time to reach out, check-in, and connect. It’s a time to deliver that meal train, or a restaurant card if you can’t get out of the house. It’s also a time to let your friends know that you are not ok and gracefully accept help.

We see true friendship rise to the challenge–after all, God created humans to have relationships, relationships with Him, and with our brothers and sisters.

Dear friend, I hope you find these six ways helpful. Our God gives each person his/her lot and calls everyone to do their work, so we need to do our work well for His kingdom and His glory. Let’s hold fast to that truth.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do,and he will establish your plans.

Proverbs 16:3 | NIV

Dear friend, I hope you find these six ways helpful. And we would love to hear about your ideas! Please share!


  1. Sarah Farrer

    I love this advice! We are all struggling in one way or another.


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