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The joy and pain when children start school

by | Aug 24, 2020 | Faith journey, Motherhood | 2 comments

So, after what seems like ages, your kids are finally back to school.

When you came home, you look around: you see nobody.

Then you listen: there is nothing!

You did a big happy dance and gave out a big yell—“freedom!! “

Five minutes later, you started to worry.

Worry about whether the kids will have a good first day. 

If the younger one will nap and not cry for mommy. If the older ones will listen, behave, and make friends.

At pick up time, you tried to get a little bit of attention from the teachers, just wanting to hear that one sentence — “he had a great day.”  Somehow, you feel better.

But in the car, you find you can’t stop asking :

“How was your day? Could you hear everything the teacher said? What did you eat for lunch? Did you play with any friends? Now tell me, how was your day again? “

Then you realize the most you can squeeze out of them is:

“ I don’t remember.”

“ I think I had a good day. “

At the dinner table, you started the whole interrogation over again, hoping this time, you can get some real answers.


Oh God, please protect this poor mama’s heart. 

She has all the good intentions; she can’t help but over-interpret every little pensive expression on her kids’ faces, or overthink every little word her kids blurt out.

Because with love comes feelings.

She wants to feel everything her kids think so that she will have a solution for every situation.

She also wants to have eyes of an eagle to see how the school is really doing, and nose of a dog to sniff out if their teachers really like her kids.

But at the same time, the last thing she wants to be is an over-hovering helicopter buzz around her kids’ and teachers’ heads.

So Lord, please have mercy on her, grant her wisdom to master the balance in the art of love.

Because the greatest task You gave her is to love.

Let her not be ashamed to feel all her feelings, but not so much that it becomes a crutch she depends on.

Let her trust in You become bigger than her worry for her kids.

Teach her kids, AND HERSELF this lesson:

There won’t be a solution for every situation,

Some times the only way out is to go through. 

Remind her that she should point these children to Jesus, and that between her and Jesus, she will be able to cope with any problem that comes their way.  

So sit back in your empty sofa, enjoy your hot cup of coffee, and relax. 

Because all is good with God.

Question for you:

What are your feelings about your kids returning to school?


  1. Jessica S.

    I was super nervous!!! Him being excited to go back helped though!

    • Ying McLane

      So happy for you! Yes, I was so worried, but seeing them like go to school is such a huge relive!


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