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Dear moms, the enemy is desensitizing our children, and us.

by | Sep 16, 2020 | Faith journey, Motherhood, Social commentary | 2 comments

This is a challenging piece for me to write, because we all like to stay in our little bubbles and not to look at the filth of the world when we don’t have to, but this world is shoveling the line in the sand right into our faces.

Those lies from the enemy are all wrapped in pretty packages—“Cuties,” ”man-boy love”, “minor-attracted person”.

But are they really all that innocent?  Who are they kidding?

Children who twerk their flat, undeveloped bodies trying to be sexy are not sexy.  It is twisted and wicked.

“Cutie” won a Sundance award (oh wow!).   Supposedly this movie has a back story from the director’s own life, and Netflix’s statement is that–“Cuties” is “a social commentary against the sexualization of young children.”

How ironic!

Well, I don’t really care about the back story.  If you put something as big as a movie out there, you need to care about what your audiences see.  Or you can just write a personal journal.

I heard the actual movie is much worse, but from a little clip I saw, it is evident that twerking is being glorified and portrayed in every detail.

And I am thinking about who would watch the movie.

Young girls?  Then they are being groomed to believe twerking is sexy and will make them desirable.

Pedophiles?  Oh, they would love it and celebrate the fact this is out for the whole world to see.

In short, people can make a movie against rape, but you don’t portray rape as sexy and attractive.

Above all, Netflix brought the exclusive worldwide right to air this movie even before its Sundance premiere.  What is their agenda?  Can a company like that be trusted in our living rooms?  
They indeed should be canceled.

We give everyone the benefit of the doubt until proven guilty, but in fact, it is like drawing lines in the sand, and we are just being pushed farther and farther back.

The word “desensitizing” is real. We have been desensitized for a very long time.  
When more and more junk got pushed out by the entertainment industry, little by little, our tolerance for garbage became higher and higher.

Unfortunately for some wicked people, their appetite for wickedness will only become more and more aggressive.  Normal violence and sex would not satisfy them anymore, so who will be the next prey that entices their ever-hungry appetite?  Children.  Our children.

To sum up, this is not a conspiracy.  The result is already in, America is one of the worst countries in the world for child sex trafficking, and we also rank number 1 for the consumption of pornography in the world.  I know these facts are hard to digest, but we should see them as amber alarms with lights flashing.

In short, pedophilia and child sex trafficking have a direct correlation.

Therefore, we have to draw the line into cement right here, right now.

Indeed, we can live in our suburb bubbles and look at the events of the world like those that have nothing to do with us.

But the fact is that there has been a step by step decline in the morality of society over the last several decades.  
The normalization of pedophilia is just the latest step.  
As with previous steps, the average person believed – oh, that will never be mainstream only to watch it gradually accepted over the years. 
So never be so naive to think it can’t happen. 

Meanwhile, our children will grow up, and they will grow up fast.  So what kind of world do we want them to live in?  A world where filth is considered inspiring?  A world where evil is called good?

Moms, we are powerful.  Our minds are powerful, our words are powerful, and our influences are powerful.

So let’s start doing what we can do within our power and draw the line together.  Even it is just sharing a FB post; even it is just to cancel a subscription.

Because every ittle effort counts. Every small work we do for His Kingdom, our God sees.


  1. Misty

    Thank you for this inspiring article. It’s true, we can’t just sit idly by and do nothing, Our actions (and inactions) affect others. Sometimes I don’t think I can do much because this world is so crazy overwhelming. But if God can take a tiny seed and create a magnificent tree, then He can take a single act of love to protect the vulnerable, and multiply it beyond what we see. Every act of kindness, every encouraging word, every sacrifice, and every brave selfless act done for another counts. I believe He causes each one to ripple throughout our homes, our communities, our countries, our world. Because that is how AWESOME God is!

    Thank you for encouraging me to do what I can. 🙂

    • Ying McLane

      Thank you so much for those encouraging words. Yes, God sees everything we do, and He is the only one we should care to please!


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