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Mothers with young children, we are having the best time of our lives.

by | Sep 28, 2020 | Motherhood | 0 comments

I was washing my hands in the bathroom at the restaurant where we had just finished a family meal. My eyes caught the sight of the diaper changing station, you know, the ones smartly designed to fold on the wall with a baby kangaroo and mommy kangaroo on it.

It brought me so many ”fun” memories: trying to hold a squirmy, wriggling baby to wipe those chubby butts while they play jujitsu with you–those are delightful memories, aren’t they?

Then came the sigh in my heart, lamenting those baby years.

Surely it was hard, but somehow, all those sleepless nights, physical and mental exhausted days all fade away to the background, and those precious baby giggles, the heavenly smell of baby scent came to the foreground.

This is how it unfolds with all my three children — I love the stages they are in, but I miss the years I have just lost.

I love how well my six-year-old twins behave in restaurants. We can finally have a meal without hurrying because someone is throwing a temper tantrum.

I love they can articulate their thoughts and feelings, so we can have some fascinating talks with them.

But oh, how I miss their baby years every time a memory pops up on my FB, or when I look through their baby pictures.

I miss their little angel faces, sweet voices, and miss watching those little feet waddle and run.

My last baby just turned three and a half, but I am already missing his even tinier button nose, cherry lips, and burst gurgle of glee.

Children are magical. The words they say open up another world; they invoke the feelings of love, tenderness like nothing in this world; they give the timidest person the courage to fight a lion for them.

They are living baby dolls. How many times in our lives do we have the chance to snuggle, kiss freely, and roll around playing with things like these?

So soak up all the sweetness we can, mamas, get drunk in those baby years as much as we can because, despite all the hustle and hard work, we are having the best time of our lives right now.

And one day, when we are old and grey, we will fondly telling young moms dragging three children in a grocery store: ”Oh, you get your hands full!” and with a faint smile, remembering those years we were with our young.


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