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Don’t Make God a Buddha

by | Sep 30, 2020 | Faith journey | 0 comments

Today’s internet is full of wishy-washy opinions…

Maybe I am just a little bit worked up this morning, but I am going to lose it if I see one more post about how–

God loves all people,

We are all God’s children, so He loves us no matter what we do.

And you are enough. You are perfect just the way you are.

Sorry, girl, here is the biblical truth:

Yes, God does love all people. But no, we are not all God’s children, (John 1:12-13) and (1 John 3:10)

And you are not perfect, and you will never be enough. That why Jesus had to come and die for us — right?

The truth is —

God loves people who pursue His righteousness.

God loves people whose actions are lead by Spirit, and are obedient to His will.

God loves people who have humble hearts, loves others but stand for His values,

God loves people who have discernment; people that don’t go with the wind the social media is blowing on any given day.

Most importantly, God loves people who know how weak, vulnerable, and imperfect they are, so with a grateful heart they say ”thank you, Jesus” every day.

The one who has a perpetual smile plastered on his face, and has no care about what others are doing, his name is Buddha, not God.

Don’t make God a buddha.

And Don’t make yourself a hipster Christian.

Don’t be plain like vanilla, that no one knows what you stand for.

We don’t need more “wash your face “ kind of self-help books sprinkled with a little bit of Jesus. Because we have Jesus who is perfect, so we don’t need to be perfect.

And we don’t need more preaching about the holyness of God and yet won’t stand for the most vulnerable. It is critical to study His words with our own muscle and strength.

Because this world populates catchy slogans, likes to rush into conclusions, puts the art of convenience on a pedestal, and worships the idol of self-serving like no end.

But there is only one objective truth. That’s God’s truth. Stand up for Him. Knowing His truth is usually the opposite of popular culture.

Have a backbone, not a wishbone.

Read our Bible, know the truth, and the truth will set us free from wishy-washy.


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