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Dear mommy, this world can break your children’s heart, and yours.

by | Oct 7, 2020 | Faith journey, Motherhood | 0 comments

You never know how many broken-hearted souls walk around you every day.

My heart was broken many times. Now it breaks with my children.

When they lost their favorite toys;

or are left alone at a birthday party;

or being bullied in the playground —

When I see that lost expressions on their little faces,

my heart breaks a little bit with them.

But I know, one day, there will be bigger heartbreaks waiting for them.

Much bigger.

One day there will be people who break their hearts, people they thought they loved, and loved them.

One day there will be life circumstances they cannot control, and that will leave them feeling defeated, nowhere to turn.

One day they will lose their favorite person to illness, age, or accident.

All of those things will take a little piece of their hearts away.

Oh, my mama’s heart will want to jump out and wrap around them — my children, my flesh, and my blood.

But I can’t.

My comforting words will be like bandages on a gunshot wound.

My wisdom will not shield them from the arrows shooting from the enemy. 

But I can still pray.

I can pray day and night for them.

I can even pray now for their future.

Pray to our Mighty God to make mends in their relationships;

to turn their mistakes into life lessons;

To pray that there will be little girls being brought up in the sunshine, sweets, and Jesus right now, so one day, they will take over the torch from me to pray for my boys.

Behind every broken heart, there is a mamas heart, and there is God’s heart hurting with it.

Behind every broken heart, there is also hope, that one day, one day every tear will be wiped away, every wrongdoing will be set right.

Then we will know, all of our breaking moments are pushing us just a little bit closer to Him, and that is a beautiful, beautiful thing.


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