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True Friendship is Like Spring Water for Your Soul.

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Faith journey, Friendship | 0 comments

True friendship is like spring water for your soul.

It flows gently. It doesn’t have to be love at first sight.

sometimes it will takes years for us say: Hey, I really like you!

It doesn’t even have to be visible for the whole world to see — the internet is already overflowing with ”great times with great friends” glories.

It comes quietly.

Day after day, you find the spring seep through just the right dry patches in your soul: 

A short text, an encouraging verse, a simple nod shows: “I got you, girl.”

👉Ask God to put the right friends in your path.

Yes, you can pray for that too. In fact, you NEED to pray for that.

Without consulting Him first, I have chased hard after some friendships.

Then hurt and confusion followed when they didn’t blossom.

What I found out was, God knows, and He PLANS —

The friends that faded away, now I know there was always a reason behind it: we have different priorities, different values, different opinions on some important issues.

It doesn’t mean my opinion and my value are better than theirs.

It just mean that God designed different temperments and gave different discernment when He knit each one of us in the womb.

The truth is, you could know someone for years and never touch the deep part of your heart. You could never even talk about the things you hold dear.

So sometimes God saves your time by giving you disappointment upfront.

But when your choice of friendships align with His choice for you, the most beautiful thing will happen:

🦋your relationship will find favor in our God’s eyes, and He will bless this friendship with faith, truth and joy. 

So don’t grow weary in your pursuit of true friendships. Because it’s so worth it. 

Friends, please remember– ask God to give you the friends you need, not the friends you think you need.

And you will have the best friends for your unique journey on earth, I promise.



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