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A letter from a boy mom to girl mommies

by | Dec 14, 2020 | Friendship, Motherhood | 0 comments

From the tears in your eyes, the little bits of information I hear, I know, your sweet girl got hurt by love again.

Your precious daughter, the girl with a heart bigger than this world, somehow, has trouble finding a heart that can fit hers.

That hurts you. That hurts me.

So today, I pray, for all the moms who have little girls, that our boy moms will try harder.

We will try harder to teach them to respect women, young and old, to talk to them with kindness, and to treat them with manners.

We will teach our boys to hold doors for girls, and one day pay for their meals and buy them gifts. Not because they want favors to be returned or don’t regard girls as equal beings, but because that’s how they are being raised.

We will raise them to be men of integrity and responsibility.

We will raise them to work hard and know boundaries.

We will raise them to be brave, to stand up for their girlfriends and wives.

Surely they will have faults. Surely, sometimes they are not all that lovely, and they will make mistakes. I can see many of their shortcomings right now!

But I pray that they will have the courage to face their own Goliath, take ownerships and not point fingers.

I pray that they will be men who are willing to take responsibility and give credit.

They will be men with listening ears who try to stand in their ladies’ shoes.

They will be men who will gently hold hurting hearts, tenderly speaking love, truth, and life to these.

They will be men who can lead their families walking in the lowest valleys and climbing the highest mountains.

They will be men who point people to Jesus by their deeds and attitudes.

Moms with girls, we are trying, really trying.

So let’s pray together, pray that somewhere in this world right now, there will be little boys being raised up with hearts for God, and one day they will take on the whole world for your daughters.




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