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When solitude brings us down

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Faith journey, Friendship | 0 comments

My MOPS moms group had a fun night out planned yesterday. We were going to meet for dinner, then head over to the church to make a vision board. (A collage of images and words on a panel for motivation purposes.)

But I was physically tired and mentally exhausted by all the events that happened around me before the scheduled dinner time. It sounds like a familiar story of mom life, right?

I thought of backing out, but eventually, I told myself: just go for dinner, then see how I feel. I can always come home after dinner.

I am so glad that I pushed myself. With every minute of time spent with like-minded friends and every little chat about our lives and current events, my spirit lifted up little by little too.

I did go to craft the vision board after dinner and had a great time too. In the middle of the board, I stuck on this verse:” with man this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.”

With another challenging year ahead for many of us, this verse reminds me: never fight alone. Plant yourself within a community of God, so we can encourage each other and see the light of any situation.

When solitude brings us down, when our spirit is defeated by the weight of this world, one good remedy is remembering that we are not alone. We ARE the body of Christ. 

It’s not like together we will find a solution to the world’s problem. It’s that, together, we will help each other to see the problems of this world ultimately are in God’s hand.

Have trust in that He has the best plan for us. Everything is possible if it’s in God’s will. So show up when we can— by simply showing up, we will be opening up the opportunities to become the better reflection of Jesus.


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