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When the spirit of the age became evil, be the remnant.

by | Mar 22, 2021 | Faith journey, Social commentary | 2 comments

This has been going on for a while now; every day I read the news, these words come out of my mouth:

I never thought—

I never thought the most disgusting song I’ve heard won the best song of the year, yet Dr. Seuss, Mr Potato Head, and Miss Piggy are canceled.

I never thought there would be schools banning the use of “mom,” “dad,” “boys,” “girls”, because they don’t comply with their “inclusive language guide.” (But isn’t banning those words is actually exclusive for people who still have common sense?)

I never thought our government will support policy to create a purely men-made border crisis. Human trafficking is rampant. No one could cross the border and not go through cartels right now. They are using children as shields to gain entry access.

I never thought our government would be promoting bills that erase God-given gender differences, allow men to use women’s and girls’ bathrooms, allow men to compete in women’s sports, force doctors to perform abortions, and sex change on children. (See the Equality Act).

Oh, did I mention that math is racist now? Because we surely can’t just have one absolute answer for anything.

Probably the saddest part— I never thought our schools, from public school to fifty thousand dollars a year elite schools, children are taught to hate: hate white people, hate for being white, hate capitalism, hate America. 

They are also thought to be confused: confused about gender, confused about right and wrong, all under the name of equality and political correctness.

All you need to ask an indoctrinated kid is this: if America is so bad, why does everyone want to come to this country, and no one wants to leave? And why do you think they want you to hate America? Isn’t it because they want you to hate yourself? And when people are confused and hate each other, isn’t it so much easier to control them?

Divide-And-Conquer, it’s a thousand years old military strategy, and it never fails.

When we look around, everything going on right now in this country falls into these two words: “ divide and conquer.”

And who is the conquerer behind all this?

May I dare say, it’s the spirit of the devil. He aims to get God out of people’s lives. Think about it – does any authoritarian country have freedom of worship?

And when people run away with God-given conscience of the definition of right and wrong, men and women, black and white, they are inevitably going to invent their new reality, which is what we see right now.

The bottom line is: we are facing a spiritual crisis, caused by the devil himself and our complacent first world lazy and empty spiritual condition– we push God out of our lives because– who wants to be held accountable when life is going so well with us? 

Thus, we lost our objective standard. We can’t distinguish right from wrong. We lost discernment. We go with the flow of our feelings and what the media tell us to feel. We become timid and stupid — common sense is not common in our society anymore. 

So this is happening: Never in American history, from top-down, from the government to the culture, there are evil forces banding together to assault the society’s morality.

Yesterday I listened to a radio host who expressed a sentiment that caught my attention: He starts to feel indifference towards the culture, his patriotism is diminishing. 

Yes, our standard of life is still better than in other countries, but our institutions, our cultures don’t represent many of us anymore.

American was built on Judeo-Christian principles. God has blessed this country so much. Sad to say it’s over, but we are indeed running away from God at lightning speed.

But strangely, I have peace.

Yes, in another two years, I probably won’t even recognize the America that I knew. Still, I feel like I am one of the Israel remnants, betrayed by their countryman but protected by their God.

“Though the number of the sons of Israel be as the sand of the sea, it is the remnant that will be saved.” (Romans 9:27).

The remnant is the ultimate survivor. They’re those select few who remain faithful to God in the ages of evil.

Be a remnant, be cautious and vigilant, stand firm for the cause of righteousness. More importantly, fear God more than you fear men, and we will reap the eternal rewards, dear friends.


  1. Daddy McLane

    What an awesome woman!

  2. Lainey

    That was deep and glad you went there. We need to pray for our land. The freedom is not as strong anymore. We need healing in our land.


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