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Grace on the Kitchen Table

by | May 3, 2021 | Faith journey, Homeschool, Motherhood | 0 comments

I saw a picture of someone’s immaculate kitchen as I was progressively becoming more anxious about the state of my own. I could feel the unease rise as I walked room to room detecting additional disarray.

Tears welled up as I battled the recurrent thoughts that I don’t measure up and if I were a better wife I could keep a tidier house. 

Then I acknowledged how I spent my time the last several days:

-preparing meals for my family and others 

-going on a day date with my husband 

-grocery shopping for my family

-teaching my middle child how to swim

-reading my bible

-watching the sunset

-praying and renewing my mind

-reading Harry Potter to my oldest before bed

-watching a movie with my favorite humans 

-snuggles with my youngest

-planning time with friends for the week ahead

-reading a book on grief

-going to church small group 

Reality is- we can’t have it all. There is not one woman on this planet who can do all.the.things without feeling like at least one area is lacking at some point. So we must choose to shift our perspective and give priority to what matters most. 

My relationships, serving others and my mental health are worth more to me than a clean house. I can so easily forget that though and have to renew my thoughts often. Like, a lot. Battlefield of the mind, y’all! 

Remind yourself of all the positive things you accomplished recently instead of beating yourself up for falling short in some area. 

And someone needs to hear this…If you’re currently re-washing a load of laundry that sat in the washer since Friday, it’s totally ok. 

It’s me. I’m ‘someone’. 😊

Love, Jill


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