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Change Begins Inside of Me

by | Jun 6, 2021 | Faith journey, Friendship, Marriage, Motherhood | 2 comments

I am blessed to have a small group of mom friends who, although they live far apart from me, encourage me and hold me spiritually accountable on a daily basis.  They also happen to be on my blog team.

Recently, the theme of our communication seems to be this one word–change.

God has revealed in our hearts that change in our families begins with us, with our own thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

It’s so easy to want to change others and point out other people’s faults, right?

Some of us pray for change in husband’s temper, some wish to change children’s undesirable behavior, some are lamenting friends who you thought could be trusted but let you down… It’s so easy to let those negative emotions and thoughts flood in and overwhelm us. 


Our desire to change and control our husbands, children, friends, or circumstances is basically…futile and selfish.

Think about it, if our husbands always do things that please us, children always behave how we want them to, and there are no ripples in our friendships, life will be so much easier for us, right?

But this is not how God designed us and not how reality works.

The reality is, the only person we can change is ourselves.

Motherhood can be overwhelming. But blaming, finger-pointing, nagging will only shove sand into our sinkhole.

Seeing and acknowledging the efforts our husbands are making, and noticing good traits in our children that are reflective of our parenting can change how we see the world – perspective is everything.

Putting time aside for ourselves to de-stress and refocus is essential.  We need time to self-reflect and ask God to help us see our own undesirable patterns–Sometimes, God has to break us down to help us grow.

Begin with today, focus on what you could change to make life better for people around you:

Maybe put your phone in another room when your children come home.

Maybe intentionally praise and encourage your spouse with words and acts.

Maybe write down what you believe are your strengths and weaknesses. Set about goals to improve upon that.

Change begins within ourselves, and God will bless us when our changes align with His will.

Dear Father,

I acknowledge that I am a flawed person, and I am weak and selfish. Please pour into me your wisdom, your compassion, and your strength, help me to be a better spouse, a better mom, and friend. Remind me to focus on changing my old undesirable behaviors, and be more grateful for all the blessings you give me.

In Jesus’ name



  1. Jen

    Loved this article. It’s so true – we can be tools for Christ but ultimately change starts within an individual. I know for me it helps when I pray for the person. I’ve seen God answer so many prayers in my life!


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