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What Mamas Strive On

by | Jun 14, 2021 | Faith journey, Marriage, Motherhood | 0 comments

We are always so tired as mamas.  Cooking, cleaning, teaching, doing laundry, wiping butts, bath time, being a good wife, serving at our church or local mops group. 

Then, when we do have down time, we tend to scroll or watch Netflix. Why? Because we want to have a mental break. But this doesn’t feed us. I have found out that the more time I spend mindlessly wondering on the internet, the more restless and unsatisfied I am.

But the Word feeds my soul and fills my cup. Start with reading a little chapter at a time, or find a good book that is easy to fit in your schedule.  I recommend “Jesus calling”by Sarah Young, or any book by Lisa TerKeyrst. 

So what does your quiet time look like? Are your prioritizing feeding your mind instead of feeding your eyes?

I know I’m not on it more days than I’d like to admit. I’m too busy doing “all the things” like everyone likes to say these days…trying to check emails, be a good mama and wife, remembering my multi vitamins, drinking a green smoothie…to name a few! 

But how can we be a good example for our children and their walk with Christ if we are not taking a few minutes to pray? And try to understand what he wants us to hear or see in the Bible, or taking the time to read the children’s Bible with our little people? I ask myself this a lot. 

I’m making the time for the Word and this is an area of discipline I’m working on with my family. I want to encourage you to make this part of your routine. 

For me, it means hiding my phone in another room; waking up before my family and asking Him to open my heart to read what He wants me to read that day. 

It’s not perfect but I feel so much better in the days that I do it. This might look different for you if you are in the sleepless night phase of motherhood, so maybe you could do this while nursing your baby instead of checking Facebook for 30 min. 

I encourage you to make this time for you and for your family. In essence, let His light shine through you to your husband and children. The rest will fall into place. 




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