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A Refugee’s Take on America

by | Jul 16, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Sometimes the most unexpected conversations happen in the most unexpected places.

She was my nail beautician, slim and petite, wearing a pair of glasses and a mask. But she possesses an attitude of ”I’ve seen it all, know it all” which raised my curiosity. Somehow between the smell of nail polish and the sounds of soap operas on the TV hanging from the wall, our conversation turned into how she came to this country.

It’s a long and treacherous journey packed in five minutes of conversation: At age seven, she and her family were the first group of refugees to escape from the Cambodian communist regime.

They walked by foot, from camp to camp, slowly moving to the neighboring country of Thailand. Once they came to the Thailand border, they waited for someone to sponsor them to go to the United States.

She waited for ten years.

With nothing but each other, they put up tent after tent and begged their way through life. 

What she said next is what hit the nail on the head: in all the countries in the world, only America opened the door to let them in. Yes, other countries gave them food, tents, etc., but only America took refugees into their country.

Guess what, she is right.  Contrary to what the media and schools teach us about America being a racist country, in fact, there is no other country in this world that has taken in more immigrants from all over the world than the US. In doing so, it has brought hope to countless desperate and hopeless people like her.

This little Asian lady who did my nails knows more about what the world really is than most of today’s college-educated kids in America.

Guess what’s more? Every single person I talked to who immigrated from a communist, or socialist country, rich or poor, holds the same view as her and me.

“Americans are so spoiled they don’t know what socialists will do to their country, but the time will come. And when communists take over America, I will move to New Zealand”, she said.

It’s a sobering statement, but it may well become a reality in the not so far away future. 

When we talked about the open border crisis we have right now, she said: ”I had to go through ten years of waiting to come here, they made sure they did a total health check and background check on us. Now they let everyone in, including criminals and Covid patients, it’s all for getting votes for the democrats. You will see, bad things will happen on the street.” she said with her usual ”I’ve seen it all, knew it all” tone of voice. 

And I believe her statement. We are living in a bubble and sitting on sinking sand. There are more young people today in America who believe in communists’s propaganda than ever before, so educate our children, it’s our most urgent tasks as parents.  




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