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Traveling with the Klos Family Part 2:

by | Aug 2, 2021 | Motherhood | 0 comments

The family really never knows how much time it takes to plan a trip. Like looking things up on the internet and calling places to see if they’re open and what protocols they have during Covid. Do we need to wear a mask or not ? All of these details usually end up being the mom planning to make sure all the details line up. 

Our first stop was in Chattanooga Tennessee. We picked this spot because it’s about nine hours away from our home, two hours from my mom who lives in Alabama. And a half-way point to Michigan our final destination. Some family met up with us and we did some activities in the city. We stayed in the heart of downtown where you can walk to restaurants and go to a big park, right on the water to see big boats float by. There’s a beautiful bridge with a spectacular view. 

Right in the heart of downtown is an aquarium you can walk  through with some beautiful water streams cascading down the hill. One of the cool things we experience is a horse and buggy ride. We ended up taking a ride as a family. A little smelly but so worth it! Was so fun! It was very affordable, the lady worked for tips so we left her a pretty good one. 

Since we stayed two nights, the next day we decided to go ahead and go to the children’s museum. We had to pay online so the museum knew how many people were coming. It’s always hit or miss with these children’s museums. Hoping your kids are not going to get bored too quickly, is there going to be enough activities for all the ages. Let me tell you I absolutely loved this one. There were so many activities hands-on experiences for all ages. And the kids loved it. Inside the museum there was a huge play ground optical course. No worries it’s in one area the museum so the kids can’t get out. The museum is pretty affordable it was about $10 each with a military discount or $15 without per person. 

There were also some cool little shops along the walkway back from the museum to the hotel. There was a vintage candy store where we got a new candy to try as a family. We did a lot of walking those two days. Overall this is a great spot for any family to stay. We really enjoyed the Marriott right off the water. It even had a pool inside. The rooms were very spacious and it even had a pull out couch to put the littles on. And remember it’s okay to go back down to the desk if there is something wrong with your room or you don’t feel it’s clean enough. They can put you in a different room, so never settle for less. 

I hope that one day this will be a spot that you and your family can enjoy and have fun.

But maybe museums or parks give you anxiety since you can’t keep your eyes on your kids the way you would like to . Here’s a couple of scriptures to help with that. I am one of those moms that it’s very hard to go to a park by myself with my kids because I get overwhelmed and have anxiety  that somebody will get hurt or I can’t keep my eyes on all of them at once. 

“When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭94:19‬ ‭NLT‬‬

I wish you a memory making and fun filled summer with your family!


Lainey Klos


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