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Pick Up Your Crown

by | Nov 3, 2021 | Faith journey, Motherhood, Social commentary | 2 comments

Lately, I have been wearing myself thin over three main issues: my family has been dealing with sickness, a broken friendship, and the rapid deterioration of the social climate.

It seems one after another, people in my family are having a cold- someone is constantly coughing and sneezing in our house. It’s getting old and frustrating after a while.

Then a friend I thought was close just faded away. I will never know the why, but the hurt of rejection and betrayal are real, and I have been battling it with no long-lasting victory.

Last, but not least, this world just seems to be getting crazier and crazier by the minute. It’s scary, and I can’t see the end of the tunnel.

So that is why I am sitting on the bench of my yard in the dark hours, with thunder in the distance, grey clouds, and lighting in the sky, tears streaming down my cheek. I am pleading with Jesus to deliver me, physically and emotionally.

Then the words spoken by my Bible study friend this morning came to my mind: we all use to have a crown on our heads, but somewhere along the way, we lost it.

For the first time in my life, I am so absolutely sure of my craving for heaven, for everything on this earth is truly nothing but a vapor — poof, and it will be gone.

But in heaven, in the beautiful heaven, there will be no hurt, no sickness, no rejection, no closed doors, and no disappointments.

The power of love from our Father will be so overwhelming, it will sweep our feet away, and we will be utterly fulfilled and satisfied.

Nothing, nothing in this world can compare to a second of our joy and happiness in heaven.

But still, we live on this earth, and we have to bear the disappointments and the brokenness of this fallen world.

But we can–yes, we can pick up our crowns.

They are right within our reach, if we only pay attention to where we have left them.

We may not be able to help our sickness, but we can suffer through it with a good attitude.

We may not salvage a broken relationship, but we can forgive and move on.

We may not change the trajectory of society, but we can start with leading from inside of our families.

We can do all of these because we are the kings and queens of this world, just like God originally designed us to be.

We may live in a different layer of social life, but we each have been planted by God exactly where He wants us to be.

He had given us just enough power to command our little world. He has given us tools to deal with every situation we encounter.

Blossom where you have been planted. Take charge of what is rightfully yours.

That’s exactly our Father’s will.

So keep a razor focus on this race called life while keeping your heads high, live and speak like kings and queens, treat each other with noble respect, my dear friends.




  1. Darcie

    I love the powerful ending. I crave heaven too, but if you look with your heart, you will see heaven on Earth all around us.

    • Ying McLane

      Yes absolutely, God has been so good to us!its all about perspective and have a heart of gratitude!


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