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Your Heart is a House

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Faith journey, Motherhood | 2 comments

Your Heart is a House.

Like a house, your mind and heart have rooms: There is the living room, bedroom, guest rooms. Etc.

Know who is in each of your rooms.

God should be in the main living room. He should be the center of everything and be seen at all times.

Your spouse and children should be in your bedrooms, hold them close, make them feel so comfortable that they can share anything and everything with you.

Be the place they can cry when they hurt and be encouraged when they need to.

Gift them a listening ear and an open heart.

Know who is in your guest room. Know if that person should be welcomed or not. Be discerning: if something occupies your heart for too long, makes you miserable, distracted, takes your attention away from God and your family, then maybe they overstayed their welcome or shouldn’t be welcomed into your house in the first place.

Your mind and heart are the houses your spirit dwells. Make sure it is tidy, clean often, organized often.

Know what to hold on to and what to let go of. Just like we need to check the stuff in our house once a while, anything we don’t need but occupies a space should be tossed into the garbage can.

A messy house leads to a messy life.

There is only so much room in your house, and so many hours in a day, you really can’t take on too many tasks at the same time. So know your priorities, know which room to take care of first.

Let your house be a clean, welcoming, warm, and friendly place for your spirit to dwell in. 




  1. Marlene Rajan Gulati

    Ying, this piece was absolutely beautiful and really reasonates with me. Gorgeous photo and I love your paintings. Thank you


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