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Sharpen Your Sense of God’s Goodness

by | Feb 22, 2022 | Faith journey, Friendship | 0 comments

I feel jealous of my friend today.

After ordering our lunch, my girlfriend whispered to me across the table: “can you check our waiter’s name tag when she comes back?”

She wanted to leave our waiter a card with scripture on it. She doesn’t want her to see that she was checking out her name tag, so she wants me to do it.  She told me the reason she is doing this is that God is so good to her, and she feels that she hasn’t done much for Him. Since she loves to collect vintage stationeries, she thought it would be a little thing she could do to spread the gospel.

It’s her saying, “ God has been so good to me,” which made me feel jealous.

Mind you, my friend just told me that a deceiving dentist had conned them for a significant sum of money. That dentist intentionally messed up her son’s braces, so they are forced to do another round of braces to save his ruined teeth. Her husband works an average job. Their lifestyle is very frugal. So this incident is definitely not a minor deal for them.

If it’s me, I probably will question God: why do you let this happen? Why do you let dishonest people get away with this? 

But when my friend said:” God is so good to me.” She said it with total sincerity.

And I believe that she truly feels totally content and being blessed with her life.

I am jealous of her contentment. The sense of contentment has been my Achilles heel.

Even though I am beyond blessed with my life, my family, and my friends, I often get distracted and chase after silly things, falling for the trap of thinking more is better and allowing comparison to steal my joy.

So finally, God told me, enough is enough. You need to really dig into your own heart.

Maybe because God is so good to me in every way, I end up taking His goodness for granted. My heart became calloused and dull to His blessings.

God has all the good intentions to bless us, and make us feel fulfilled with our lives, but we often act like the prodigal son who ran away thinking the grass is greener on the other side.

But as the saying goes, the grass is not greener on the other side. It’s where you water it. If we water the field of good things in our lives, the sense of gratitude will grow. If we are too busy looking at the grass in our neighbors’ yard, we leave room for the weeds of all kinds of sin to grow in our own yard.

As we prepared to leave our luncheon, we ended up leaving a tip for as much as our meal, and we promised each other that we would pray for our waitress. And I left with a bigger blessing, that is the reminder of the importance of having a grateful heart.




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