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It’s Ok If You Don’t Have That 3 pm Friend

by | Mar 12, 2022 | Friendship | 0 comments

All that talk about the 3 am emergency friend on social media could make any mama feel she hasn’t reached the black belt in the friendship arena.


It’s ok if your best friend is your husband. (That’s God’s first edition design btw)

It’s ok if you only have a few reliable friends scattered here and there. And your main means of communication is by text because mom’s life is busy.

It’s ok if you don’t have friends who look like you, are shaped like you, and talk like you. 

It’s all ok. Because in real-life, not in Hollywood la la land, a good friend is hard to find. It takes a lot of trial and error—

If a friend is nice to you but obnoxious to others, kind of like when you date someone who swooped you off your feet at first, but then you discover he is disrespectful to waiters, don’t trust that person with your heart.

When you have to tiptoe around someone, second guess what you said and didn’t say, what you did and didn’t do, trust your instincts and gently move away.

Beware of friends who chase after the next shiny trophy friend. You can give them a second chance, but you need to let them prove themselves first.

God calls you to love everyone, so be generous with you love and be willing to invest your life in others. But you also need to protect your own well-being. 

Call yourself blessed if:

Yes, you don’t have that 3 am friend to call, but you have a husband who will get up all night to put cold towels on your fever-ridden children.

You have a few people in your life that you can talk to, with no filter or mask, about life, people, culture, and yes, politics and religion. 

Your friends will celebrate and cheer for every little achievement in your life.

You threw out a prayer request a while ago, and your friend will ask how it went a month later because she has been praying for you.

You have to stay home because all of your children are sick, and you got an a meal delivered from your friend.

Call yourself double blessed if your friend’s husband also gets along with your husband, and call yourself triple blessed if your whole family gets along well.

Count your blessings, friends. Friendship is not a competition. Life is not for the camera, not for other people to admire on social media. 

God gives each one of us our own blessings in every each way of life, so live like you truly appreciate it.




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