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Which regret will you choose?

by | Apr 12, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

A study has shown that under age 30, the percentage of people who regret something they did and regret they didn’t act on it is almost the same, but after 30, more and more people regret they didn’t do the things they wanted to do when they were younger.

In short, you can choose between regretting your failure or regret never testing out your dreams.

When I started my blog two years ago, I was very unsure. I mean, I am sure God put the seed in me, but I just didn’t know if I had the ability to grow it. After all, English is not even my first language.

But two years into it, now I know I don’t need to worry about growing the seeds. God will water it. I just need to be obedient enough to listen to Him.

And in the meantime, He is growing inside of me.

Every significant bump on the road during these two years, I have learned from it, thought it through, and turned it into a blog piece or two. To me, this is invaluable. I have gotten to know that my failure is the way God stretches me so I will have more capacity for good things to grow: courage, wisdom, patience, perseverance, and love.

I am grateful for the profound spiritual growth I had just by diligently writing and tending my blog.

So friend, If you have a dream and your circumstances allow you to make it happen, do it.

You can choose between facing the fear of failure or facing the fear of letting your dream slip by.




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